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Our Kitchen Renovations in Sydney Add Elegance to Your Home

What if waking up each morning became joyous because you completed a kitchen renovation in your Sydney home? Discover how we help you plan the style you want and install it to the last detail. We will partner with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Match Your Budget and Style for Small Kitchen Renovations Around Sydney

Of all the house and apartment renovations throughout Sydney, kitchens represent the most expensive. However, you are in control and can choose what areas to save or splurge on throughout the process. Let us share with you some guidance toward a significant investment.


  • Will you host elegant dinner parties each week or collapse on the weekends after feeding and chasing children? If you have children, we recommend kid-friendly countertops that won’t stain and are easy to clean.

  • You may prefer laminate counters, which are budget-friendly, or quartz, which is more expensive but can take any knocks the young ones dish out. If you often entertain colleagues and friends, we could install soapstone or marble for an elegant and timeless look.

  • How long do you plan to remain in your location? If you’re remodelling to increase the value to resell your home quickly, we can recommend beautiful, cost-effective flooring choices. While timber flooring is timeless, new, luxury vinyl and laminate options are durable and come in natural-looking artificial timber.

  • Lighting fixtures will brighten a dark kitchen while adding a pop of décor. They provide ambient light right where people spend the most time. We'd recommend recessed ceiling fixtures if you’re on a strict budget.

  • Under-cabinet or ceiling light fixtures are an excellent choice when upgrading on a shoestring. You can have your electrician wire the space for them and add the lighting features later.

Reasons to Partner With Us for Your Upcoming Renovation

There are multiple ideas to keep in mind when choosing a renovation company. Learn three reasons we believe make us the best choice.


  • We are a Sydney-based company that focuses on kitchen renovations. Our know-how will make your job easier because we can share our years of experience, so you don’t have to second-guess decisions. 

  • Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and we won’t settle for anything less. The job is not complete unless you are delighted with the result. 

  • As perfectionists, we are proud of the results. We are passionate about our work and want you to have the kitchen of your dreams.

RHP Renovations to the Rescue

Considering all the time you spend in the kitchen; we are here to turn it into what you deserve. Let’s partner so you’ll skip to the coffee maker each morning.

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