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The bathroom is one of the top two rooms in a house that potential buyers evaluate. Apart from improving the room’s appearance for potential buyers, you can still enjoy it as the current occupant. Sometimes, the condition of the bathroom alone may convince a buyer to close the deal or not. So, bathroom renovations across Sydney may be a valuable investment for you. RHP Renovations can assist with this upgrade from start to finish so you can revel in your new-look bathroom.

We Can Assist With Small Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Our professional and experienced team is excited to tackle your renovation and provide support as we plan and execute with you. We have the licence to complete bathroom renovations professionally according to expected standards.


The bathroom requires an assortment of accessories. Consider towel racks, robe hooks and mirrors, which are crucial in a bathroom. We will help source these products and install them in the most appropriate position, ensuring they’re aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, we offer practical advice, for example, where to hang the mirror. Sometimes a taller person can install it too high, leaving it almost impossible for all the occupants to use.


Homeowners usually neglect their flooring because they assume it’s the last thing anyone would think about. However, your floor choice is incredibly important since the room will be moist often. We’ll advise you on purchasing the correct tiles to offer sufficient grip if you favour textured surfaces and matte finishes. We’ll keep longevity in mind and guide you on which materials to avoid for the bathroom.


Capitalising on the available space is crucial in a small bathroom. We advise using wall cavities as storage options in existing nooks and crannies. In the shower, shelving can appear cluttered. However, with a recessed cubby in the shower wall, you save space and have somewhere to place your shower essentials without it being an eye sore.

Reliable and Quality Workmanship

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have come to focus on being a reliable contractor to our customers. Our skill and craft have brought us to the forefront of the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry renovation industry. We have documented some of the work we’ve completed throughout the site to indicate the quality of work we provide. Browse around and let us know if you have questions.

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